Blackberry profits and breaks the forecasts

A photo from Blackberry Network-Operation Center.

The year 2019 will be a year of consolidation for blackberry strategy, focused on 'software' and cybersecurity. Quarterly sales of Blackberry exceeded analysts' forecasts, which the Canadian company extends a string of positive surprises that marked 2018. Over a decade ago blackberry was a force to reckon with in the Smartphone market until Apple’s...

Your data on the internet can enrich someone


Humanity is going through a stage where personal data has gained a particular value. This statement is what Camilo Gutiérrez, a Cyber Security specialist at ESET advocate. This year in the United States, companies have invested nearly $20,000 million to obtain personal data for their own interests. Recently, the New York Times (NYT) has revealed that Facebook gave access to...

London’s second airport reopens after drone incident


The authorities continue to look for the culprits for operating drones. The largest airport in the united kingdom, London Gatwick Airport resumed its operations on Friday after drone incident. For one and a half day, one of the most important airports in Europe was paralyzed. The police are still...

Digital risk increases for cyber attacks on cars

A car front

The reported attacks on smart cars over the past four years have increased sixfold, according to a study. Digital Risk Increases for Cyber Attacks on Car Photo credit: Jan2575 'Uber' or 'Car2Go' are excellent transport options. Unfortunately, hackers can take advantages of the weaknesses of the applications.

Avoid getting hacked while travelling

A young man at airport

Prevention is better than cure Are you travelling during the holidays? By taking some precautions you can avoid getting hacked while travelling. It is not the moment to invite troubles. Do not let the bad guys hijacked your holidays. As the adage says “prevention is better than cure.” It is better to try...

It’s not happening: Logitech isn’t acquiring Plantronics

Neil Armstrong on the moon

Nogotiatiations Ends: Logitech Is Not Acquiring Plantronics This weekend Reuters has announced an exclusive news. Logitech is negotiating to acquire Plantronics.  But this is not happening, Logitech is not acquiring Plantronics.  However, an agreement from both party was expected this week. But Logitech’s board of directors decided not to move forward with the negotiations. A $2.2 billion deal would have been...

Mobile shopping steal the show for black friday 2018


Are we finally heading to the mobile shopping era? It is most probable that during this Black Friday you were chasing for a deal with your smartphone. If it yes, then congratulation for helping the mobile shopping statistics advancing. Well, according to the figures of Adobe analyst 33.5 per cent of online Black Friday sales came from smartphones. This percentage...