Will Li-Fi supplant WiFi?


Li-Fi, which signifies "Light Fidelity", is an innovation that enables connection with the Internet through LED lights. Experimental tests in research facilities and the first installations are conclusive about this innovation until telephone manufacturers fully share this novel technology. How does Li-Fi function? Li-Fi works with light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Which...

Airbus victim of a cyber attack

An Airbus-aircraft

The aircraft manufacturer Airbus announces that it has been the victim of an unauthorized intrusion into the computer systems of its commercial aviation branch. On January 30, Airbus announced the unauthorized access to its data and to the private information of its employees. The company did not specify the origin of the attack, but...

More than 700 million email addresses hacked

Cyber Hacking

Cyber security expert Troy Hunt disclosed the information. More than 700 million email accounts have been hacked since 2018. On its site, Troy has compiled at least 773 million accounts and 21 million passwords that were victims of this hacking. This information, he says, comes from thousands of different sources. The...

Samsung: 1 terabyte for smartphones storage capacity


Samsung recently announced the first production of a 1 terabyte eUFS flash memory for smartphones. The Korean company is now bringing the capabilities of telephones closer to those of top-of-the-line laptops. After its Galaxy Note 9 with 512 GB of memory, Samsung Electronics has just started a new production. The brand new embedded...

Most expensive divorce in the world?


It will probably be the most expensive divorce in history. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, and his wife MacKenzie were married for twenty-five years. They announced on Twitter their intention to divorce. The Amazon's boss has a fortune estimated at more than $137,2 billion. He explained that he decided...

This is how the powerful cybercriminal group Lazarus operates

hacker abstract

Lazarus, one of the most active organisations in the digital universe, use various techniques to appropriate systems. The group misappropriated of several millions of dollars from banks in Bangladesh, Taiwan and Costa Rica. The Lazarus group is unstoppable, and its story seems to be taken from a movie. The mysterious hacker organisation feared...

Apple confirms that some of the new iPad Pro are sold doubled

Ipad and Stylus

Some users reported on social networks that the new Ipad Pro had a curvature in the chassis. Apple has confirmed that some of its iPad Pro 2018 come with a curvature in the device's aluminium chassis. The company told The Verge specialist media that it is a side effect of the device's manufacturing process....

Facebook allows reading of personal data


The New York Times reported that more than 150 companies have access personal data and messages from Facebook users. Facebook has allowed more than 150 companies to access the personal data of users of the social network. Companies such as Netflix, Spotify, the Real Bank of Canada and Amazon, are involved.

Does the government support the collaborative economy?


On the one hand, government legalises services like Airbnb, but on the other, it threatens Uber drivers. Coherence?On September 4, 2018, before experts from the ICT sector, the newly-elected Colombian President Iván Duque Márquez inaugurated the Andicom International Congress in Cartagena, Colombia. His speech touched all the right notes. He proclaimed that no procedure will...

Amazon: How to send and return a product with a gift certificate

Receiving shipping box on pad

Amazon, the popular online shopping store, offers a new option for its buyers. We can share a gift card and use it in turn to return a product. Thanks to this tool, we can make a gift through Amazon including a gift card. So, the person who will receive the product can return it if...