Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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The Japanese government will hack into all the country’s connected objects

Japan will test the vulnerability of all connected objects in the country by hacking them. The aim is to monitor the security of its inhabitants.

NHK World announced, the Japanese government has taken a surprising decision. The national research institute is allowed to hack into the country’s 200 million connected objects from February onward. It is an unprecedented and rather radical measure. This operation will test the vulnerability of these new electronic gadgets which are multiplying in the archipelago as elsewhere in the world.

Hack for the benefit of the people

This operation is happening for the first time. It is launched on the eve of several major events during which Japan must ensure the safety of its inhabitants and guests alike.

Three international events that will put Japan in the spotlight:

This an opportunity to demonstrate technological know-how. In terms of cybersecurity, several major international sporting events have been the subject of various attack.

in terms of cybersecurity, several major international sporting events have been the subject of various attack.

It should make it possible to identify all objects connected to the heart of homes including routers, webcams and security check at the user level. Technicians at the National Research Institute for Information and Communication in Japan (NICT) will first check the identifiers and passwords used. Most often, the ids and passwords remain on factory default values (such as Admin or 1234). The goal is to avoid replicating the story of Mirai. The latter is malicious software that has already broken into unsecured connected objects to infect them and launch denial of service attacks. The government also plans to take this opportunity to raise awareness among the public and manufacturers of connected equipment.

The extent and duration of the test raise concerns in the country, particularly about the potential use of personal data that could be recovered. But the government has warned the population of these intrusions. These operations are only for information purposes to alert individuals and companies about vulnerabilities.

Video credit: World Economic Forum
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