Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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Mobile shopping steal the show for black friday 2018

Are we finally heading to the mobile shopping era?

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It is most probable that during this Black Friday you were chasing for a deal with your smartphone. If it yes, then congratulation for helping the mobile shopping statistics advancing. Well, according to the figures of Adobe analyst 33.5 per cent of online Black Friday sales came from smartphones. This percentage is a substantial rise from last year 29.1 per cent.

This Black Friday, people have pulled in $ 6.22 billion in online sales which represent a 23.6% over 2017, setting a new benchmark. Adobe follows the trail of transactions for 80 of the top internet retailers in the U.S. like Amazon and Walmart which came up with these figures.

The willingness of online buyers to extravagantly spending money was salient. Above $ 2.1 billion in sales that has made a remarkable approach to the record of $ 1.4 billion set on last Cyber Monday. Did you get it? Buyers are more aggressive on online sales on Cyber Monday rather than Black Friday. It is evident that Cyber Monday still run the show when it comes to online purchases.  As it is exclusively an online ‘party’. The online world has fully embraced Black Friday.  Many stores still run deals that require shoppers actually to show up.

Regarding the product sales figures, tech has placidly led the show. Laptops are on the top of the list for this Black Friday followed by Pikachu/Eevee, and God of War.

It is still early to jump to a conclusion what specifically prompted the increase in phone-based shopping.  Taylor Schreiner, the Director of Adobe Digital Insights, has an opinion.  He attributed it partially to better mobile experiences. The mobile shopping experience is interesting meaning more people will be leaving their PCs behind for the smartphone shopping experience.Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

Everyday technology provides me with food for thought.

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