Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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Argentina Google domain purchased for $5

Argentina Google domain purchased for $5. It is a reminder always to set your Google domain to renew automatically. On Wednesday 21 April night, an Argentinian paid 540 Argentine Pesos (USD 5.81) to acquire the country’s Google domain.

The acquisition was possible since the former control ended the same day – the domain seemingly became accessible. The search site was temporarily shut down.

“I want to clarify that I entered I saw the name of available, and I legally bought it accordingly!” tweeted Nicolas Kuroña

Nicolas Kuroña _tweet
Nicolas Kuroña (@Argentop) April 22, 2021

This practice is referred to by MercoPress as “Cybersquatting,” which means the possession, registration, purchase or sale of a title to take advantage of the legitimate owner’s name recognition. Domain expiry dates are freely visible and readily accessible through registration sites such as nic. ar.

Google Argentina may just have forgotten about renewing domain, and Kuroña saw the chance and took the opportunity throughout the limited time.

“It is all legal!!” tweeted Kuroña.

Minutes after this event, MarcoPress reported that the Argentina Google domain was successfully restored.
One customer wrote on an event in a Reddit post, “Whether it was a glitch or truly expired seems to be up for debate here.”

According to MercoPress, either way, Google users protested in Argentina about three hours of download on the website and suspected a server collapse. But the tweet of Nicolas Kuroña helped clarify matters later.

The website was also down according to MercoPress on Wednesday after the incident was found via social media.

Everyday technology provides me with food for thought.

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