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What do you need to know about Apple New Features in iOS 14.5

A week after Apple‘s “Spring Loaded” event, the company started rolling out iOS 14.5 on Monday, 26 April – the most significant new software upgrade since iOS 14 was published. It’s worth upgrading your iPhone as soon as possible. Not just because it has a slew of new functionality, such as the ability to activate iPhone with Apple Watch while wearing a face mask, AirTag tracker programmes, and new Siri voices, but also because it gives users more privacy settings. What do you need to know about Apple New Features in iOS 14.5?

1/5. Use the Apple Watch to unlock the iPhone when wearing a face mask

Photo: Courtesy of Apple

According to Apple’s previous test releases of iOS 14.5, the latest update would most definitely provide consumers with a new method of unlocking their phone while wearing a face mask. The functionality is now enabled, enabling users to activate their phone without removing the mask and entering the passcode with Apple Watch.

The Watch has to be turned on, activated, and next to the iPhone. The users have to glance at their iPhone to get haptic feedback, signalling that their iPhone has been unlocked. The latest function is compatible with iPhone X and older and Apple Watch Series 3 and later.

2/5 Siri improvements

Photo: Courtesy of Apple

Siri can no longer use a female voice by chance. Instead, during initialization, you would pick the voice you wish for your digital assistant. Two additional English-language voice features have now been included, and you can adjust your Siri voice at any time by heading to Settings > Siri & Search > Siri Voice.

Siri will be able to announce incoming calls and encourage users to address calls hands-free using AirPods or compatible Beats headphones. Users may also easily trigger Community FaceTime calls by telling Siri to call previously saved contacts or groups in Messages. Finally, Siri supports contacting nearby 911 contacts if the individual needs help but can not make a phone call.

3/5 Transparency in App Tracking

Photo: Courtesy of Apple

With the announcement of iOS 14.5, the long-awaited App Tracking Transparency function has now been implemented. The new functionality is designed to allow consumers greater access to privacy controls. Your consent is required before monitoring your data, tracking your actions through other apps or websites operated by other firms for advertisement purposes, or exchanging their data with data brokers. Users will be able to see which developers have asked for approval to monitor them in Settings, and they will be able to alter their mind at any moment.

4/5 A new collection of emojis has been published

Photo: Courtesy of Apple

As part of the iOS 14.5 update, Apple introduces over 200 new emojis to the keyboard, including skin-tone versions for the pair hugging emoji and couple with heart emoji. New emoji styles include faces exhaling, faces in clouds and faces with spiral pupils, hearts on fire, and a lady with a moustache, to name a couple.

5/5 Apple Maps incident notification

Photo: Courtesy of Apple

Users of Apple Maps in the United States and China would be able to record a crash, danger, or speed search along their path by telling Siri on iPhone or CarPlay in iOS 14.5. During navigation, users will notify Siri that “there’s a crash ahead” or “there’s something on the road,” or even announce that accidents seen on the chart have been cleared. This latest feature is intended to hold drivers’ hands-free and their attention on the lane. Passengers may also monitor or clarify incidents using Maps’ “Report an Issue” function.

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