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Apple introduces a new iPad Pro, colourful iMacs, AirTag, and other items

Apple fulfilled its “Spring loaded” pledge by introducing a slew of new items at its annual Spring product launch gathering.

On Tuesday, April 20, Apple revealed a new iPad Pro and reconceptualised, colourful iMacs, a purple iPhone, the long-awaited AirTag location tracker, and an upgraded Apple TV and remote.

Apple released an upgraded iPad Pro with a faster processor, 5G support, a Thunderbolt port for connecting to more external displays, and a Mini-LED panel, as planned.

According to reports, the monitor would be brighter, have a better contrast ratio, and have improved power efficiencies for longer battery life.

Apple is also introducing its powerful M1 chip to the iPad Pro line. It will allow many app upgrades such as improved visuals, enhanced video effects, and augmented reality capabilities.

An upgraded camera provides improved depth and video quality and a Center Stage function that automatically zooms out during video calls or meetings based on the number of people in the shot.

The updated iPad Pro begins at $799 and will be eligible for purchase on April 30.

Apple unveiled a revised iMac that incorporates the company’s latest in-house M1 processor.

Apple shrank the internal hardware by using a smaller logic board and removing the thermal mechanism that holds the unit cold with two tiny fans thanks to the new processor. The latest iMac is just 11.5 millimetres thick.

According to Apple executives, the M1 chip would also allow iMac apps to run quicker. It increases the performance of machine learning and enables iPhone apps such as Zillow and Headspace from the iMac computer.

The new iMac would have a 24-inch, 4.5 K monitor of 11.3 million pixels. It also comes in seven different shades, including peach, mint, and lavender.

Apple has upgraded the webcam on the iMac for users who already operate from home. With features such as auto white, balance, noise reduction, the 1080p camera, and tone mapping, you look better. The machine now has a new microphone built to reduce feedback noise, making you sound smoother.

The latest iMac begins at $1,299 for four colours and $1,499 for the remaining three colours plus extra functionality. It is scheduled to be released in the second half of May.

Meanwhile, Apple includes a contact ID button on the iMac’s external keyboard for the first time. The Touch ID button will be located in the top right corner of the keyboard, close to how it is on the new MacBooks. It will enable users to open their device, move users, and make purchases with their fingerprints.

Both the keyboard and Apple’s Magic Mouse would be accessible in various colours to complement the iMac’s current colour palette.


Apple Air Tag
Apple AirTag

Apple recently launched AirTag, a Tile-like Bluetooth locator that connects to and helps you locate things such as keys, wallets, smartphones, or even your vehicle.

When attached to Apple’s Find My app, the thin, flat, circular discs with built-in chips enable users to locate objects. It is also compatible with Siri.

The stainless steel instruments, which are water and dust immune, have a built-in speaker that plays sounds to assist their localisation. The AirTag is equipped with an Apple-designed U1 processor that employs Ultra-Wideband technology (the same chip used in the iPhone 12).

Although position trackers are not recent, related items are available from Samsung, Sony, and Tile. Apple claims that the U1 chip can estimate the distance and direction to a missing object more precisely.

It is possible to add free engraving to the unit, as with the Apple Watch.

AirTags are $29 each or four for $99 beginning April 30. Users should even splurge on leather pieces from Herm├Ęs, such as key chains, luggage tags, and a bag charm.

Apple TV 4K also comes with a new Siri remote

Apple is releasing the fourth version of its Apple TV 4K streaming system and a new Siri control.

The controller, which is constructed of 100 per cent recycled aluminium, has a new pad at the top that users can press or scroll through to navigate and a dedicated Siri button on the left.

The remote even has a dedicated control button for turning on and off your TV. The latest Apple TV will be available beginning April 30, with a 32 GB model costing $179 and a 64 GB model costing $199.

Apple has recently revamped the podcast software, adding a new feature called channels that will curate episodes.

Updates to Apple cards, a purple iPhone, and more
Besides, the business introduced updates to its Apple Card service for partners and families that share credit card accounts.

Spouses will now consolidate and swap their Apple Card credit lines while maintaining reciprocal access to the account and creating credit with each other. For households, any individual above the age of 13 will now be able to use the family Apple Card account. Apple Card is a Goldman Sachs-issued Apple-branded credit card introduced in 2019 that is only open to iPhone customers.

The Apple Podcast Subscriptions is a premium option for podcasts. This subscription can include benefits such as ad-free listening, early access to new shows, and exclusive material. NPR, the Los Angeles Times, and The Athletic are among the media outlets taking part. Next month, the paying service will be accessible in 170 regions and nations. Podcasters set their prices.

Apple surprised everybody by dedicating some stage time to announcing that the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini are now available in purple. This model joins current ones in blue, green, yellow, white, and red. It will go on sale on April 30 for a starting price of $799.

Everyday technology provides me with food for thought.

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