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Amazon: How to send and return a product with a gift certificate

Amazon, the popular online shopping store, offers a new option for its buyers. We can share a gift card and use it in turn to return a product. Thanks to this tool, we can make a gift through Amazon including a gift card. So, the person who will receive the product can return it if he wishes. The particularity is that the one who offered the gift will not have any notice of the return. Amazon will return the amount of the product to the person who received the gift. The only condition is that the person returning the gift need to have a valid Amazon account.

How can you do that?
We offer you a tutorial to return a product through a gift card .

How to send an Amazon product with a gift certificate
The first thing we need to do is access our Amazon account and go to the Lists menu and click on the My Orders entry . Through this entry we can see all the purchases we have made, something very useful if we have already purchased the gift through the Amazon page itself.

Already within ‘my orders’ we can see all our order history. Find the product you want to return and click on the Share gift button that will can be seen to the right of each order. Of course, we must be clear that this option will only appear while the product in question can be returned.

Now, a new window will open in which the name and the photograph of the product will be displayed next to your order number. Next we will have two options to share the gift; the first one will be through the button Share gift ticket , option that will generate a URL with which we can share the gift digitally.

If we continue with this option, a new pop-up window will appear that will also show information about the product; just below will appear the URL belonging to the gift ticket . We only have to copy this address with the traditional method or through the icon of the chain located on the right side.

The second option that we talked about two paragraphs ago is ‘Download PDF’, with which we can download the gift certificate in PDF format for printing. And that will allow us to include this printed sheet inside the box or package of the gift itself. This option will also include a web address and a QR code that leads to the same page of the product.

How to return the product with a gift certificate ?

When the buyer of the product shares a gift card address through the internet, we will only have to access the attached link . On the other hand, if we get a ticket printed in PDF format or through the Internet, in both cases we must copy the included link or scan the QR code with the mobile to access the website where we can manage the gift itself.

In both cases we will get to the product page with information about its status; Beyond writing an opinion about it, what really interests us is the button Return this product to make the return if we wish. As we said at the beginning of the tutorial, we can make the return effective without any concern, since the person who has given us the gift will not receive any type of notification .

And so we will have completed the return of the product; just follow the steps indicated on the screen, choose the reason for the return for Amazon and do not worry about the buyer; He will never find out unless you tell him. Now you can click on Continue and ask for a refund of the price of the product for your own Amazon account.

Everyday technology provides me with food for thought.

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